Newly On-Line. Problems 42 – Tory Sympathy for Fascism in the 1930s

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Tory Sympathy for Fascism in the 1930s

Issue 42 of Problems magazine. Published in June 2020, and with its articles now on-line.

It shows how the Tories were uncomfortably close to Fascism at the time. Even Churchill was more anti-German than anti-Hitler. He remained friendly to Mussolini until Mussolini joined the war on Hitler’s side when Hitler seemed to have won.

The work centres on a wartime book published under a pen-name by Michael Foot

, long-time left-winger and briefly leader of the British Labour Party. Yet it has dropped out of historic memory, even among the left.

It would have been the perfect counter to the wild accusations of anti-Semitism that were used against Corbyn. But we in the Ernest Bevin Society have been almost alone in talking about it.

Click to get the whole magazine as a free PDF

Or read the individual articles:

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