New Magazine – the West Failing on Climate Change

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Problems 46: Power To All Our Friends!

How to fix Climate Change and keep Modern Civilisation

The Climate Crisis began with a steady rise in average global temperatures from the 1980s. And it gets steadily worse, with a series of no-longer-rare weather disasters. Crises that are even worse than if we had a simple increase of one or two degrees in the average in an otherwise unchanged pattern of global weather.
Civilisation is certain to survive, but perhaps with some decades of hardship and an actual shrinkage of population. And a probable ending of Western hegemony, with the New Right probably reclassified as wreckers of what they’d inherited.
The BBC should have a prime-time Weather World once a week, showing global patterns and listing any recent disasters. This would help change public opinion by continuous drips of alarming news.
The Western elite are finally reacting. But still give priority to their own power and privilege.

Click to get the whole magazine as a free PDF.

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