Labour Affairs – July 2021

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The G7 in Cornwall – Editorial;  Batley and Spen by-election -Editorial;  The Tory attack on council housing; Wars Of The Data Lords (Poem); When is work not ‘actual’ work?; What am I going to do next?; Diary of a Ex-Corbyn foot soldier;  Notes on the News; Parliament Notes: White Privilege?; Ivor Kenna’s Last Letter;  Jewish Voice for Labour: response to Jewish Labour Movement antisemitism training 5; Putin’s answer to the BBC;  Putin NBC interview;  Left Labour MPs demand to meet jailed Assange.

Notes on the News has the following:
Batley and Spen – a weak victory , Labour’s Timid Tendency , China: The East Stays Red , No peace with Covid-19 , Climate Chaos , Thou Shalt Only Be As Different As We Are , Snippets , Russia and China stick together , The Call of Rewilding , Abuse of women treated mildly , Supreme Pragmatists.

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