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October 2021: Get the whole magazine as a PDF.  Labour Affairs 322 – October 2021
Or read it on-line at our new website.

October 2021: Editorial 1. The Levellers
The next general election will be a battle between the levellers – with both political parties claiming they will be the most successful at levelling up British society. In which case, Starmer’s strategy of fiscal rectitude will most likely result in failure.
Editorial 2: Starmer, Sunak’s Unwitting Ally
What happened inside the Tory Party between 2017 and 2019 was just as dramatic as what happened within Labour but, such is the blindness of the membership and the arrogance of its leadership that its significance remains unlearned. 
Aside from all the continuing issues surrounding Corbyn and suspensions/expulsions over anti-semitism as well as identity politics, the central issue is that the period between 2017 and 2019 showed the influence that the Labour Party, as an opposition party, continued to have over the governing party. 


Also September – I was slow posting that one.

September 2021: Get the whole magazine as a PDF.
Or read it on-line at our new website.

September 2021: Editorial. Ditch Blair’s legacy
Starmer became leader of the Labour Party in May 2020 on the basis of a 10 point program that Jeremy Corbyn would have had little problem supporting.  Since becoming leader he has had little to say about his 10 point program and has, instead, concentrated his energy on attacking the left wing of the Labour Party, often by using false charges of anti-Semitism.

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