Problems of Labour Politics – October

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A new issue, available as a PDF:

Problems 47: Millionaires Then and Now

Multi-Millionaires as a Blight on Civilization
Why the very rich have never been a real Meritocracy.  How they have grabbed an increasing share of the social  wealth, thanks to government policies from the 1980s.  Why it has never been a real Free Market.  How Trickle-Down was a fraud. Promises of low taxes  and a smaller state were untrue.

Elites In History
Today’s millionaires are the heirs of the slave-owning  elites of early civilisations. And why nothing today is  like Classical Rome’s undemocratic republic.

Available as a PDF: Problem Labour 47 – Millionaires Then and Now.

And a previous issue is now on-line:

Problems 44 – Coolhearts in a Sickening World.

‘Being cool’ was floated as an ideal, after the naïve optimism of 1960s radicalism bumped into some harsh realities.  ‘Being cool’ can sound very clever.  ‘Coolheart’ sounds like an insult.  And is meant as such.
Click to get the whole magazine as a free PDF.

Doomed by Selfishness?, Beautiful Parliamentarianism?, Or What Else?, Making Votes Count, Covid-19 Failures, Storm After Storm, Climate Denialists, Weather Is Not Humane, Undeniable Bad Weather, The Cost of Salvation, Protect Those Poor Little Billionaires?, China Keeps Politics In Command, China’s Lax Leninism, Rising From Mao and 1949, Hong Kong Tragedy, India and China, India: The Cows Come Home, “Don’t Say I’ve Failed Just Because I’ve Failed”, The Mythistan Road Traffic Death Squad, Feed-the-Rich But With Moderation?, A Mindless Flock of Very Rich Persons, Flocking Futures, A Global Incoherence, Looking Backwards, Rural Socialism in Britain and the USA, New Tories, Failed Conservatives, Electoralism, Not Democracy, Poverty, Doomed, Doomed and Doomed Again, Being Anonymous in a Global Nightclub, My Forecasts, Businesslike Minds, Feed Off Of The World!, Legacies, Escaping Your Neighbours, Coolheart Liberation, Friendly Cave-People?, Falsifying History, Fear of Scientific Solutions, Geometry in the Oldest Known Temple, Glad To Be Statist, Soviet Failures, Back To The Soil?, India At Risk, Our Sickening World, Older Errors, USA Sickens Worse, Global Riots, Zoom to the Future Now, Why I Write

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