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November 2021: Editorial 1. Labour Must Exploit Tory Divisions
The most important political battle in British politics is currently taking place in the Conservative party. The leaders of the two opposing views are Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak.
Editorial 2: The value of an effective opposition.
The period of Corbyn’s leadership shows is that even in opposition the Labour Party continued to influence the behaviour of the party in Government.
The Tory shift to Big Government was his success.

Also: High Wage High Skill Economy, Moscow and Belarus,  Heather Mendick, The launch of T Levels, Fire and Rehire Bill, The reinstatement of Stan Keable, Useful Work for Former Prisoners, Who Recognises Taiwan?
Notes on News: Climate Change: US failure. China the Key? How to Ease the Climate Crisis. Parliaments the Least Bad System? Taiwan – the basics. Upper London Holds the World’s Dirty Money. Iraq: the Wrong Sort of Democracy.
Get the whole magazine as a PDF.  Labour Affairs 323 November 2021
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