Labour Affairs, March 2022. The economics behind the Ukraine War

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Editorial 1, Putin’s Dilemma:
America was determined to stop Nord Stream 2.  But for different reasons than most people think.  It had to be stopped because, the fact that Europe could develop a functional commercial relationship with Russia, implied that Europe no longer saw Russia as an existential threat.
Written before the war started. But explaining it.

Editorial 2, The New Liberal Party:
Keir Starmer is effectively turning the Labour Party into a kind of Liberal party with a commitment to free enterprise and a small state.

It is a strategy that is directly opposite to that pursued by Jeremy Corbyn in 2017.  In the 2017 general election, Corbyn opted to present a radical set of policies to the electorate.  The electorate, particularly the young electorate, had no doubt that a Corbyn government would make a difference.  And so the young voted for the Labour Party in huge numbers.  In the red wall seats Labour’s vote also dramatically increased because the electorate liked the radical policies and, importantly, because the party was committed to respecting the result of the 2016 referendum and implementing Brexit.

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