Labour Affairs, April 2022. Sunak’s hatred of public spending. And what you’re not told about Ukraine.

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April 2022: Editorial 1: Making Sense of the Ukraine Conflict
The British government and its media outlets would have us believe that the hostilities that began on the 24th February were an unprovoked aggression.
The reality is different. The Ukrainian army concentrated on the borders of the rebel Donetsk and Lugansk republics with a view to overrunning them after 8 years of conflict which have seen the death of some 13,000 civilians in these republics.

Editorial 2: Rishi Sunak’s Financial Statement
Because of the current high rate of inflation the government will be receiving more in taxes than was previously expected. This unexpected extra revenue could, within Sunak’s economic framework, allow the government to engage in some extra spending without increasing the fiscal deficit. Sunak could use it to subsidise energy costs. But Sunak has decided not to spend the windfall so that the government will be in a good financial position to deal with the next crisis.
This was written before the revelations about his wife’s tax, and him seeming to think of abandoning Britain and living in the USA instead.

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