Labour Affairs – September 2022

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September 2022: Editorial 1: Gas Must Be Rationed—But Not By Price

Using price to bring supply and demand into equilibrium always favours those with money since they can afford to pay the higher prices. They simply save a little less than they used to. However in the case of gas, and indeed energy in general, there is a problem. Gas is a product that people need to cook and keep themselves warm. If the price of gas increases to levels that mean that large numbers of families cannot afford to cook and keep themselves warm, there will be social unrest.

September 2022: Editorial 2: Freezing for Zelensky

Johnson has in effect admitted that NATO/EU sanctions against Russia are hurting Britain without presenting evidence that they are hurting Russia in any significant way. Russia is comfortably able to meet its budget targets with discounted sales of oil and gas to non sanctioning countries and has benefited mightily from increased energy prices on the world market. There is thus no good reason to prolong these sanctions apart from a desperate hope that in the long term they will damage the Russian economy.

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