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Labour Affairs –  October Editorial: Labour’s Neutral Brexit.

From July 2019: News from France (Froggy), and Parliamentary Notes.  Also Notes on the News: Iran: I’d Lie For You (And That’s The Truth), U-2 Can Lie About Russia, Tory Brexit Blues, Handmaidens for Greenpeace?, India Affirms its Hindu Identity, Hong Kong – Freedom for What?, Egypt – Obedience Overrides Democracy, Honest When Watched, Normandy – Only a Second Front.

Also everything for October 2018: Editorial: Catching the Mood of the Nation; Parliament And World War One; Notes on the News; Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier; Letter from New Zealand; Parliamentary Notes; Listening to Italy; Kaufman on Gaza, Palestine & Israel; Antisemitism in the Labour Party; Review of ‘Prosperity and Justice: a plan for a new economy; New Labour and the NHS Internal Market; Industrial Schools; Poems: Another Fine Mess, 100 Years, Dear Mrs Merkel.  (No Froggy.)
Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 291 October 2018

And Problems for 4th Quarter 2018: Post-Liberalism

We should speak of ‘Our Freedoms’ rather than ‘The Freedom’.  ‘Liberalism’ has been a name for many different things, some way outside of acceptable modern ideas. 
Six articles examine various aspects: now available on-line.

  1. “Anything I Don’t Like, Isn’t Freedom”
  2. If it is broke, do fix it.
  3. Israel As Europe’s Last Settler-Colony
  4. Tunbridge Wells has a Drugs and Murder Problem
  5. Being An Aboriginal European
  6. China’s Future: Comrade X and a Man Called Xi

Also available as a PDF: Problem 36 – Post-Liberalism

The broad message is that everyone accepts limits on freedom.  And we need to think seriously about where.

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